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The Essence Of Hatred

July 31, 2013

Forgive MeTo forgive..or to forget
which is the hardest?
is the first more difficult
and the latter is the least?

When does love turned to hate
when do we say its enough?
when do we give it all up,
when do we have really have to stop?

The price of so much love
are betrayal and distrust.
no matter how you let it go,
you just can’t let it pass.

Sometimes you wanna choke ‘em
sometimes you feel the need.
to make them feel what’s due them,
that it’s all worth the rage.

Yeah they all deserve to be treated
and get the same as I did.
I will surely make them know,
I will do what I have said.

But I have realized
that they ain’t worth a dime.
though they have lived inside my head,
and wasted all my time.

It is hard to let it go
cos I really can’t forget.
the things that they have done to me
that made me so upset.

Time won’t heal all wounds
unlike what they always say.
ain’t gonna make me just forget,
NEVER ..EVER .. no way!


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