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I Love You So

 I Love You SoHolding hands,
Blowing kisses,
Talking all day,
Falling in love.
Look into my eyes,
Tell me you love me,
Please do you see?
I’d give you anything,
For one last chance.
When we’d hold each other,
In our arms,
Your warm body,
Upon mine. Read more…


All I can’t say

There are so many words I cannot say,
when I look into your eyes.
I want to be able to tell you one day, some day,
but I’m left speechless every time that I try.

You must have stumbled across the key,
and discovered so much more.
You found a hidden place in me,
you found my heart and opened the door. Read more…

I Refuse TO Apologize

What gives you the right to talk
about my life,When your not living
What gives you the right to throw
dirt on my name,Just to make yourself
feel better.
I refuse to apologize for something I
have not done.
I am who I say I am,Unlike you I don’t walk around pretending to be someone else.
I refuse to apologize for being me,Never had someone feel that they couldn’t be their
self,When I was around.
I refuse to apologize when all I have been
was a true friend.
I really couldn’t understand what made you
feel this way.
I use to care,Butt now I don’t cause deep
within your heart,You know your the one
who’s wrong.
I refuse to apologize!!!

I’m Sorry

I'm SorryI fought you to leave
against your wishes!
Since when you have gone,
I tried hard to forget you
but I do still feel you even
when I never wanted to
remember you!
No matter how I tried to
blow you away like a
goodbye dust, but you Read more…

After all we went through

My efforts seem futile…..
My efforts dont seem to be enough
to Win your heart once again….

All my begging, all my pleads
my public declarations….although
impressive to others, which was not
the intent, the intent was to show
I want only you . and I was willing to Read more…


The days go on so does the years
But i cant hid from my own fears
No matter how hard i try to forget
Its always hunting me it wont let

I live my life with regret in my heart
Never ending fear will never stop Read more…