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The Essence Of Hatred

Forgive MeTo forgive..or to forget
which is the hardest?
is the first more difficult
and the latter is the least?

When does love turned to hate
when do we say its enough?
when do we give it all up,
when do we have really have to stop? Read more…

Love Me Again

I use to be your pride and joy
You use to show me off
You made sure I was well cared for
You even made sure I rested well

But over the years things have changed
We don’t go for long walks anymore Read more…


Give chance to absolute healing
not to the wound
by forgiving your friends

Do not place them in unbreakable shell
of your judgment for their past
When the river gets to the ocean is free! Read more…


SomeoneBe Yourself
an orginal
worth more than
a copy of yourselfBeing someone you’re not
isn’t worth
the lies told
about one self

Just be yourself
for you’re
a better person
than you think

Facing a new Life

Pain you may know in your heart and mind
disappear into outer space
so far but not so far
for it will always remain in your heart and mind
All the conflicts and experiences endured
will give you strength to love
once again and face a new situation
with courage to replace the pain that
was in heart and mind
Love is like the sun coming
out of the clouds and warming your soul
Once Again

I wronged your words!

I wronged your words!
I stressed your feelings!
I tormented your love!
I left your broken soul
in pains and Loneliness!
I blamed myself for what
I did and I regretted my
action as I left without saying